Defender Nesta Back Strengthens Italian national team

Come back Alessandro Nesta with AC Milan, last week, also brings a new rumor. This 33-year defender rumored to be re-entered the Italian national team.
But, Nesta directly to rebuttal. Though brilliantly performed when Milan beat Siena 2-1, last week, but it does not necessarily make the former Lazio defender was going back to the team.
"When I decided to get out of the national team, they still kept me hooked. But, I have made a choice, "said Nesta told ANSA.
"With all the injuries, I'm sure not going to be able to perform together at the club and national team," he added.

Actually there are many who expect Nesta returned to the squad. The reason, Nesta has become one of the best defender he ever had in Italy. Unfortunately his career more hampered by the arrival of recurrent injury.

"Let me just make Azzurri coach and other players, I'm not going to talk about the national team again. Prospect has been closed, "said Nesta.

Nesta strengthen the Azzurri since I was a captain of Lazio. Gli Azzurri he defended the era 1996-2006.

Nesta last devotion performed when Italy became World Cup champion in 2006 ago, although he failed to appear at important moments because of injury.

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