Beware Speed Marquez Mayweather

Mexican boxer, Juan Manuel Marquez did not want to underestimate his opponent, Floyd Mayweather Jr.. Although not up long hoop, Marquez remains wary of the speed of a boxer from the United States.
This was revealed Marquez in an interview with boxingnews24, Wednesday, August 26, 2009. Through telephone, Marquez Mayweather even equate speed with Philippine boxer, Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao.
"Mayweather is always performed with the speed. And I think it was hard to get over it," said Marquez.
Marguez be tried Mayweather at the MGM Arena, Las Vegas, United States, 19 September 2009. Both will fight in the classroom Welter (66.8 kg).
However, Marquez does not want to give up. Boxer who had defeated Chris John had been preparing a strategy to reduce the speed of his opponents, Mayweather (39-0, 25 KO).

"We need to respond to the speed of Mayweather with the right strategy. I will put all fighting ability, accuracy and also behind the attack I had," said Marquez.

Facing a boxer with a quick blow not the first time for Marquez. Boxing ring with a record 50-4-1 (37 knockouts) had previously been sampled speed Hatton, 15 March 2008.

Both meet in the struggle for world title super featherweight boxing WBC version of the body. Unfortunately, in this fight Marquez lost declared a thin figures (split decision) after a long fight 12 rounds.

However, duel contra Mayweather would definitely heavier. Because, although capable of speeds of nearly the same punch, the boxer had a different style.

According to Marquez, Pacquiao is the boxer who appears pressing. With the speed he had shot, he could still serve a counterattack (counter attack) from Marquez. This condition makes Marquez had a chance to launch the blow.

Instead, Mayweather the boxer who always kept his distance. Boxer 32 years it will launch a combination of blows at the right time. This strategy would of course complicate Marquez.

"Mayweather will be harder than Pacquiao. He is a boxer with a punch very quickly and rely on counterattacks. Defense is also very good," said Marquez.

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