Amorcito corazon capitulo 121 online

Amorcito corazon capitulo 121 online
The videos are linked immediately after the live broadcast and are in high quality, enjoy Amorcito heart and all your favorite novels alone here.
If you missed the previous chapter look here Amorcito corazon capitulo 121 online

This melodrama tells the story of Isabel, an architect who has marked his loving destination for the event which happened at his party when he turned 18, which hid from his father, a strict moral and Leopoldo, decides to make love to her Ruben boyfriend at some secluded corner, but told with bad luck and it was rammed by a bull desgraciándolo for life. In the event, almost a tragedy, truth comes to light, because the mother of Reuben, maddened by what happened to his son, Leopold reveals that a lover of Elizabeth Wilhelmina and curses by saying that what happened your child will never know what is the love of a man. Damn that accompany a lifetime? until it crosses his path Fernando, a young and successful businessman owner of a construction and brother of her friend Lucy, with him, love will touch your heart, and despite fear the curse in your life will refuse to accept this new opportunity, but is it so hard to not fall into the trap of love?
On the other hand, is Zoe, apparently happily married to Alvaro, is the wife and perfect housewife discovers her husband in the shower of your own home with a male lover. Zoe's first reaction at such news is jumping off a bridge, but is saved by Cecilio, who by teaching that life is worth living, falls deeply in love with her. Zoe, in retaliation decides to seduce a man as he puts in front.
And Lucy, a novice at heart, fresh from the last retreat, known earthly love when he meets Willy, who fight with all her strength for her to recognize the woman in him, matter is complicated when she discovers that Willy makes his living with a trade rather impure: the gigolo .....

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