The new FIFA rankings

The new FIFA rankings
Spain national team's success holding back the honorable position of the Netherlands from the list of FIFA top rating last month, in the latest ranking of the September issue of this.
3-2 victory over Chile in the test match and roll success Liechtenstein 6-0 in Euro 2012 qualifier in early enough to take La Furia Roja De Oranje forced down again into the second ladder.

Germany retained top three, while Uruguay climbed one place to fourth place, the British are mired shift the order of eight. While Portugal pushed three positions to occupy the fifth rank.
Other countries in the top 50 that generates the most significant jump in the Swiss (the order of 18, up 12 positions), Bosnia-Herzegovina (22, up 17 levels), Hungary (27, 18), and Armenia (44, 27).
In addition to traditional teams from Europe and South America, Japan emerged from the Asia continent as a national team with the best ratings Yellow 15, while Cote d'Ivoire (16) is the representative of Africa with the best position.
What about Indonesia? Well, with a two-game losing streak in early September, from Iran (3-0) and Bahrain (2-0) in the 2014 World Cup qualifying, the team must surrender sag Garuda eight steps to the order of 139.

Here's list of Top 10 FIFA Ranking:
1. Spain
2. Netherlands
3. German
4. Uruguay
5. Portugal
6. Italy
7. Brazil
8. English
9. Croatia
10. Argentina
139. Indonesia

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