This is The Woman Driver in Formula One

This is The Woman Driver in Formula One
Soon not to mention Formula One as the sport of males only. A woman driver was preparing to sit behind the wheel of racing's jet. Reportedly, Maria de Villota was negotiating to become a test driver. Tit for tat, Renault has also confirmed the driver who is also the son of former F1 racer from Spain. Emilio de Villota, has undergone his F1 with 2009 cars on the circuit Paul Ricard, France.
According to Spanish newspaper, AS, starters it can bring into the Grand Prix De Villota actually.

Mary herself did not feel awkward when diberika great confidence. 31-year-old female rider was ready to carry out their duties with the maximum.
"I always wanted to reach Formula One, and after this test then I knew clearly that I could, drove a Formula One car," said Maria de Villota. "Physically I was in the best condition, so I have to use it. We will continue to improve. It can not happen immediately, but we have to quickly achieve results," continued the 31-year-old woman.
Renault statement said De Villota completing 300 kilometers "with keepatan good", and team boss, Eric Boullier, said she did not make any mistakes.

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