Friendly Match Indonesia-Palestina 4-1

Friendly Match Indonesia-Palestina 4-1
Bambang Pamungkas performances and Christian Gonzalez presents a 4-1 victory for the Indonesia national team against Palestinians in a friendly match at the Stadium Manahan Solo on Monday (8/22/2011). Bambang scored two goals in this match, while Gonzales offered a goal and two assists for the team "Red and White". Appearing before thousands of supporters, Indonesia tries direct hit. Firman Utina et al opened up opportunities in the 2nd minute through a free kick Bambang Pamungkas. However, the ball was deviated slightly to the right side of the Palestinian goal.
After this opportunity, the Palestinians even dictate the game's Firman Utina et al. National team players "Red and White" still looking to find their best form of game. Gradually, the Indonesian national team managed to take control and push back the visitors.
The result, Bambang again get a chance in the 18th minute. After receiving feedback Christian Gonzalez, Bambang had to outwit a defender of Palestine before finally releasing the hard left-foot shot from inside the box. Unfortunately, the accuracy is still a problem.
In the 22nd minute, turn Bambang which gives a sweet feed to Gonzales. But, again, the ball deviated slightly to the right of the Palestinian goal.
Palestine is not without opportunities. Starting a pass from the left side, players kick off the first time they are unfortunately still not meeting targets. In fact, when it's him standing in a position that is free.

By the end of the first half, both teams remain difficult to penetrate the opponent's defense. Both teams also create opportunities so that minimal score remained 0-0.
In the second half, the Palestinians actually have scored first. Bait breakthrough from the middle, leads right to Obaid Sulaiman who escaped from the off-side trap. Players back numbered 9 this was immediately catapulted the ball over the head of goalkeeper Markus Horison that had already developed. Mark was just stunned to see the ball into the net.
Left behind one goal does not make Indonesia improve his game. However, Wim Rijsbergen troops are still performed without the determination and often make fundamental mistakes, like wrong bait.
However, the Indonesian national team still able to score the equalizing goal position in the 65th minute. Word of the ball free kick Utina successfully blocked by the goalkeeper was Palestinian, Mohammed Shbair. However, throw the ball successfully utilized by Hariono for Palestine goalkeeper with a header.
Unfortunately, after scoring Hariono to be pulled out of the field due to injury. At the ball, collided with a foot Hariono head of the Palestinian players so bloody temples. Hariono position was replaced by Toni Sucipto. Hariono goal turned out to evoke the spirit of the players of Indonesia. The result, the hosts back ahead on 72 minutes. Cross from Muhammad Ridwan had struck with a left foot shot by Gonzales. The ball rolled smoothly into the visitors' goal.
Bambang enlarge the host advantage in the 77th minute. Receive feedback from Gonzales breakthrough, Bambang managed to escape from the off-side trap and subdue Shbair kick along the ground. Indonesia winning 3-1.
Palestinians had threatened through the legs Obaid Sulaiman. His hard shot towards goal was Indonesia, but the ball could still be blocked by Markus Horison.
Ahead of the game ended, Bambang scored his second goal. Receiving a short pass from Gonzales, Bambang scored the ball with a left foot shot from outside the penalty box. Shbair who had tried to block can not do much when the ball through the net for the fourth time.
This goal was created to be the last goal in this game. Indonesia finally brings significant capital ahead of a trip to Jordania (friendly match), 27 August, and Iran (World Cup Qualifier 2014), 3 September 2011.

Indonesia: Markus Horison, M Nasuha, Zulkifli, Hamka Hamzah, Ambrizal, Hariono, Firman Utina, Irfan Bachdim, Bambang Pamungkas, M Ridwan, Cristian Gonzalez

Palestine: Mohammed Shbair, Samer Halsi, Rafat Ayyad, Haytham Theeb, Ashraff Alfawaghra, Obaid Sulaiman, Fahed Attal, Ali Khotib, Hussem Abusalah, Khadeer Abuhammad, Said Murad

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