Carling Cup Exeter City vs Liverpool 1-3 Qualified for Round 3

Carling Cup Exeter City vs Liverpool 1-3 Qualified for Round 3 
Liverpool won the third round of the Carling Cup tickets. Facing a host of Exeter City, the Reds won 3-1 over the team from League One. Liverpool travel to Exeter City home, St James Park on Thursday (25/08/2011).
In the first half Liverpool directly suppress host defense. The result is a goal could be packaged Red. Luis Suarez volley kick in the 23rd minute had goalkeeper Artur Kryslak guarded.

The hosts could have a ripe opportunity through Daniel Nardiello. The shot led to the target, but can still be met by Pepe Reina. Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish had to pull out Raul Meireles in the 20th minute because of injuries to the Portuguese players. Instead, he put Andy Carroll.
The visitors added advantage to 2-0 when the game entered the 55th minute through Maxi Rodriguez shot at close range. Andy Carroll Liverpool refine advantage three minutes later. Kick from the right side failed dammed by Kryslak. Ten minutes to disperse, the referee gave a penalty for Exeter after Nardiello violated by Martin Skretel in the forbidden box. Nardiello who ran as an executor successfully carry out their duties properly.
Two minutes to disperse, kicking Steweart still be denied by Downing Kryslak.
3-1 score lasted until the end of the game and led Liverpool to the third round. There is also the lottery for the third round carried out on 27 August.

Exeter City: Kryslak; Coles (Nicholls 76), Jones, Duffy, Golbourne, Archibald-Hendville, Noble, Shephard (McNish 65), Dunnie, Nardiello, Bauza (Keohane 26)

Liverpool: Reina; Flanagan, Skretel, Wilson, Robinson, Meireles (Carroll 20), Adam (Shelvy 77), Maxi, Spearing, Henderson, Suarez (Downing 59)

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