UEFA champions league "Important to show respect"

UEFA champions league "Important to show respect
The pride of achieving a place in the UEFA Champions League should be achieved with the responsibility to show respect for the game and its values, said the UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino.
UEFA has urged the clubs participating in UEFA Champions League to show respect for the game and its values.

The UEFA general secretary, Gianni Infantino, sent a message to the participating clubs of the third qualifying round in the House of European Football in Nyon-based: "The Champions League is considered the club competition in the world with large encounters, magical moments and most if not all, of the world's best players every week to enjoy the fans. I hope that they too are proud of their achievement in reaching this magnificent competition. "

"In turn, this means that they also have the duty to respect the competition and respect the rules and regulations. Especially in these uncertain times, with many rumors of match fixing in some European national leagues," said Infantino . "It is more important than ever to show respect for the game, opponents, referees and for fans who are the lifeblood of our great sport and without them we would be lost."

"With new regulations passed in disciplinary proceedings by the UEFA Executive Committee in June, do not hesitate to punish any person or persons, clubs or referees who are discovered to be involved in such illegal activities in a game" concluded Infantino. "Our policy is and remains zero tolerance to any kind of illegal activity in our game. We must all work together to ensure that this policy is maintained. We all in this regard."

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