Djohar Arifin sure PSSI chairman

Djohar Arifin sure PSSI chairman
Djohar Arifin Husin certainly seize PSSI chairman after a vote in the extraordinary congress PSSI in Solo, Central Java, on Saturday, he pocketed the 61 votes of 100 votes up for grabs.
While its competitors, Agusman Efendi, just bagging 38 votes.
Of the 100 ballots were collected, 99 valid votes and invalid votes due to a pick a name out two candidates who championed.
In voting, the delivery of sound stages starting from the provincial board (Pengprov) PSSI as much as 33 voters. Then followed 15 club Indonesia Super League (ISL), 16 First Division team, 14 team Division One, 12 teams and 10-team Division Two Division Three.

Sequentially voters taking ballots have been prepared by the organizers who guided Joko Driyono Normalisation Committee members.
The owner then enters chamber votes to determine the general chairman of the selection of candidates and the results are directly incorporated in the transparent ballot box.
Performed immediately after completion of the process of counting the votes of 100 ballots entered. Calculations carried out promptly at 12:36 pm
Djohar Arifin Hussein who had been close to a majority owner or a group of 78 left the vote despite opponents also have additional Agusman Effendi.
In the first round of Djohar Arifin Hussein was able to gather 53 votes, followed Agusman Effendi 39, Yapto Soerjosoemarno 4 votes, Adhan Dambea 2 votes, Achsanul Qosasih 2, IGK Manila 0, 0 Iman Arif, Sharif Sarman Bastaman 0 and 0.
In putara two followed only three candidates namely Hussein Johar Arifin, Agusman Effendi and Yapto Soerjosoemarno. Only Japto resigned ahead of the second round begins.
Based on the results of the second round of election Johar Arifin Hussein managed to gather 61 votes and Agusman Effendi 38 and one invalid vote.
Johar who has served as expert staff has the right to lead PSSI Kemenegpora 2011-2015 period.

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