Take Pride Odom Bend Lakers Rockets

Lamar Odom appeared as the main actor LA Lakers 88-79 victory over the Houston Rockets in the NBA continued on Wednesday (6/1/2010). Forward "giant" is also admitted pleased with the display of the game this time.

Yes, the game, Odom was the Lakers successfully attracted supporters who came packed Staples Center. Appointed to replace the position of the injured Pau Gasol, Odom performed brilliantly with almost booked a triple-double, after packing 17 points, 19 rebounds and nine assists.

Odom himself admitted was quite surprised with the results ditorehkannya this time. The reason this 30-year forward had missed the last training session before bending Rockets Lakers appearing without two stars, Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady.

"I am proud to help the team. I feel, every time I look to rebound nicely when, I was always able to play better, "Odom said as quoted Yahoosports, Wednesday (6/1/2010).

Responding to the game, Odom admitted he pleased with the solid performance and high confidence of his colleagues demonstrated throughout the game.

"We look focused and disciplined throughout the game. Not one player who threw poorly or not confident when shooting. This also makes us successful doing a good rotation in maintaining the defense area, "he said

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