Schumy is Back come racing

Legendary racing driver, Michael Schumacher, officially making sure he will race again in the arena Mercedes F1 team.

Drivers from Germany who is now 40-year-old is sure the return itself is on Wednesday (23/12/2009). Previously, Schumy been absent for three years since the end of the 2006 race season.

"Absent for three years has returned all the energy I now feel back," Schumacher said in a telephone news conference. "I am ready to face serious challenges."

Schumacher had a chance to re-strengthen the team as Felipe Massa Ferrari had an accident last July. However, he then thought better of with a neck injury reasons.

However, this time Schumacher aside about the neck injury. "Not a problem anymore," he said. Schumacher Mercedes contracted for one season and will duet with the other racers from Germany, Nico Rosberg.

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