Schumacher, Mercedes, had been Approve Oral

Michael Schumacher apparently is still a magnet for Formula 1. Rumors he would return to F1 with Mercedes, has been submitted to stage 'is not a rumor anymore', as Bild reported Schumacher and Mercedes have agreed verbally to each other.

This news was surprising and still full of questions. From the report quoted German daily, Bild, Schumacher has agreed to supply Mercedes GP contract worth 3.5 million pounds. This value is only half of the initial bid is prepared Mercedes. Length of contract believed to be only for a period of one year, but continued with the role as ambassador Mercedes.

According to Bild, the new deal will be done after Schumacher passed the medical tests and Ferrari have agreed to remove it from manufacturer's role as advisor to the Italian exotic car. Schumacher's comeback season actually almost happened in 2009 and after Felipe Massa suffered an accident at the Hungarian Grand Prix. However, the plan was canceled after uproar Schumacher does not pass the medical tests following a neck injury during a race motor racing, not yet recovered. His position was replaced by Luca Badoer.

One of the important factors re willing Schumacher retired after three seasons is the fact he'll be working again with Ross Brawn. British man was a key figure behind the success Schumacher became world champion seven times in F1. One other factor is that he will join the Mercedes, which was defended by the manufacturer when he was young and fell in the below Formula F1. Defending Mercedes, by many, considered to be a dream deferred Schumacher.

"Schumacher was physically fit and healthy. Final test result is positive, and he can not wait to go back and work with Ross Brawn again," called a source.

Schumacher's management of his own party, through his spokesman, Sabine Kehm, declined to comment on this rumor. However, another source close to Schumacher's management said the Yahoo Eurosport Germany, that these rumors are not rumors anymore.

One important question that it is now intriguing is what's behind this Mercedes plans. The problem, as rumors Schumacher suddenly jumped sharply after the issue appeared that Jenson Button will leave from Brawn Grand Prix (team name before it was acquired Mercedes). Strategies taken driver Nick Fry and Brawn as messy indeterminate purpose.

At least, it is the opinion of a senior columnist for The Times, Ed Gorman, who questioned whether the rumor was Schumacher-Mercedes had been designed purely or because of an accident?

"Truth is not profitable for Brawn and Fry about Schumacher's pursuit of what they do is because they are wrong in setting the strategy drivers for next season. They made the mistake of allowing Button to McLaren and the same portion Button also made a mistake in accepting McLaren," called Gorman.

According to Gorman, Brawn and Fry thought that Button did not have much choice to move so that the negotiations with the world champion was postponed. Brawn and then took off Barrichello who later became the basis of their platform to offer four million pounds per year to the Button. Button then launched a 'threat' to hold talks with McLaren. Because there is no progress with Brawn Button finally received McLaren.

On the other hand, Brawn belatedly realized their mistake and when she realized it was too late. From this rumor Schumacher finally emerged to cover their mistakes because it is almost impossible Mercedes F1 start their adventure as a team with two drivers confirmed that had never won in F1. Before the issue of sticking Schumacher, Nick Heidfeld's name entered as a strong candidate to assist Nico Rosberg.

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