Attacked, Two Teeth Berlusconi Loss

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi immediately secured his bodyguards after receiving attacks from protesters in Milan, Italy. Nose boss football club AC Milan was broken and his teeth on.The fate of misfortune experienced Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Two of his teeth fall out and blow his nose broken by a protester in Milan, Sunday (13/12) evening local time. A 42-year-old man, who called the name of Massimo Tartaglia, was suddenly attacked Berlusconi, who was then in the middle of a crowd at a political rally Milan.Menurut police information, the suspect threw a miniature replica of the gothic cathedral a short distance to face Prime Minister aged 73 year.

Blood was pouring directly on the face of Berlusconi. Bodyguard pulled a football club owner Liga Italian Serie A's AC Milan to the car and rushed her to hospital. Berlusconi got treatment in the emergency room at San Raffaele Hospital. From the examination is known that the two teeth on Berlusconi, a broken nose, cut lip, and suffered bruises on his face.

Berlusconi's personal doctor, Alberto Zangrillo, express, Berlusconi had to get stitches in a cut lip was also itu.PM Italy to stay in the hospital and it took 15 days to recover. "From the clinic's view, everything was fine, but it observation period required for one or two days, "said the well head Zangrillo emergency hospital.

He also revealed, Berlusconi had to undergo a CT scan, but have not needed surgery. "He had a big trauma in the face with two wounds on the upper lip, one on the outside, and one on the inside who had to get stitches," he added. Berlusconi was brave to accept the accident. "I'm good, I'm fine," said the billionaire was when she left the emergency room hospital, as was reported ANSA news agency.

Although he suffered injuries severe enough, Berlusconi was able to visit melucu.Saat a television presenter, controversial figure it claimed to have "miracle" because the attack was not about her. "It's really a bad day for Italy and this is a task for all political forces to ensure that Italy would not return to masamasa violence," said Gianfranco Fini, a close ally of Berlusconi's conservatives, which is one of many who criticized incident.

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano also condemned the attack. The attack was certainly raises questions about the security around the prime minister. As most of the heads of government, Berlusconi traveled with a group of aides guarddan body, but Berlusconi is down to earth person who like to mingle with ordinary people.

Even a few moments after the hit, with blood still streaming from his nose and lips, Berlusconi went on shaking hands with several supporters in the rally. "He remained calm and looked out the window when taken to the hospital and waved to the crowd," said Italian Defense Minister Ignazio la russa told the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Massimo Tartaglia, the perpetrators of the attack, was arrested shortly after doing the action. In the examination of known 42-year-old man had a history of psychiatric problems for 10 years. Tartaglia treating Polisitelahmemanggilpsikiater to the police station where he was arrested. Tartaglia had to protect the police from an angry crowd when the suspect was taken to the police station.

In the examination, the body was found cans of tear gas and the cross. The assault began when ada10orangyangmengolokBerlusconidenganmenyebutnya as a "clown". Berlusconi replied with shouts taunts, "You shameless," before finally being attacked with a miniature replica of the cathedral. The attack was the second Berlusconi experienced.

In 2004, when in Rome, a stone mason's Italian PM attacks with a camera tripod, a result of his head was bleeding. Later, Berlusconi faced with many problems, both in personal life, politics and business. On 5 December, some 350,000 people marched in Rome against Berlusconi in response to a call on the social networking site Facebook to No. Day Berlusconi.

"The left wing monster.Tapi call me, I am not a monster and I'm a good person," Berlusconi said in a rally Sunday (13/12) teriring smile. Incident or threat of attack open to the leaders of this country just is not time. Berlusconi's case reminds the case of throwing the shoe against the United States President George W Bush has made Iraqi journalist named Muntazer al-Zaidi.

At that time, while expressing profanity, television correspondent of Al-Baghdadia it twice "successful" threw a shoe into the face of Bush held a news conference with Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki from a distance of 20 meters. Bush was lucky to escape.

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