Match Results at European Zone

World Cup Qualification
One round of 2010 World Cup qualifying was completed dihelat again. From the action-such action, a number of European teams such as Italy had to make sure others get away while keeping a chance, with Portugal as an example.

Group of the European zone of 1, Danish eventually ensure escape to South Africa armed with a 1-0 victory over Sweden on Sunday (11/10/2009) morning pm. Additional three digits to make 'Dynamite' to collect 21 points to escape with one match left against Hungary.

Still in the same group, Portugal won the ticket to keep up playoff after beat Hungary 3-0 in the Dr. Magalhaes Pessoa. Cs Cristiano Ronaldo now has 16 points and not safe because there is Sweden followed with the number 15.

In Group 2, Switzerland closer to South Africa after a big 3-0 win during a visit to Luxembourg. Results that make Switzerland in the forefront in this group with the number 20, followed by Greece who have 17 points from the 5-2 win over Latvia.

Also no one has escaped from Group 3 Slovakia following a 0-2 defeat of Slovenia. Slovakia, although defeated, still in first place with 19 points followed by Slovenia who had 17 points. Czech Republic trailed in third place with 15 digits after the 2-0 win over Poland.

Moved to Group 4, Germany finally ensure one automatic ticket to South Africa after beat Russia 1-0 in the Luzhniki Stadium. Russia itself remains despite losing the chance to attend the World Cup for sure playoff tickets.

Perfection Spain in Group 5 is still lasting after winning 2-1 in away games to the headquarters of Armenia. 'Matador' certainly qualify in the company of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a winning ticket after winning 2-0 playoff over Estonia. Turkey to pursue opportunities had vanished bent over Belgium 2-0.

Still about perfection, England in Group 6 could not do anything that made Spain. 'Three Lions' losing for the first time in the qualifying phase of bent over Ukraine 0-1. England, who was sure to escape, giving breath to Ukraine will now neck and neck with Croatia to reach the playoff tickets.

In Group 7 France 5-0 goal feast for the Faroe Islands. However, the victory was only rewarded playoff tickets because the ticket was stolen auto that helps Serbia win big with the same score over Romania.

Italy to ensure a champ Group 8 after completing a dramatic action to counter Irish end in a draw 2-2. Thanks to the results, the two teams joined hands away from this group, with group winners Italy so while Ireland got playoff tickets.

Match Results:

Danish 1-0 Sweden
Portugal 3-0 Hungary
Luxembourg 0-3 Switzerland
Greek 5-2 Latvia
Israel 3-1 Moldova
Rep. Czech 2-0 Poland
Slovakia 0-2 Slovenia
Finland 2-1 Wales
Russia 0-1 German
Liechtenstein 0-2 Azerbaijan
Armenia 1-2 Spain
Estonia 0-2 Bosnia-Herzegovina
Belgium 2-0 Turkey
Belarus 4-0 Kazakhstan
Ukraine 1-0 UK
Austria 2-1 Lithuania
Serbia 5-0 Romania
French 5-0 Faroe Islands
Cyprus 4-1 Bulgaria
Montenegro 2-1 Georgia
Irish 2-2 Italy

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