Open the Door For Beckham's Milan

AC Milan optimistic about bringing David Beckham back in January. According to several sources in Los Angeles, Beckham will again choose Milan as the next club in the middle of this season with the status of loan players.

The news was supported by a statement of directors Milan, Umberto Gandini. According to him, Beckham had several offers from other clubs but would prefers Milan.

"We are very open and ready to discuss. We will listen to David's desire and will make a favorable agreement of both parties," he explained via Bloomberg.

"David believed in Milan the right club to prepare for a World Cup. We are also pleased because he is still an icon, a great player and has many fans."

34-year-old player was indeed required to appear regularly in Europe if still want to compete in the England team who had escaped to make sure the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

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izoer said...

i hope,Milan get Scudetto next season,yet now!

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