Michael Jordan Entry Hall of Fame

Jordan Entry Hall of Fame

Michael Jordan, who is often referred to as the greatest player of past centuries, was sworn into the "Basketball Hall of Fame ', Friday (11 / 9).

Jordan joined the former San Antonio Spurs center David Robinson, ex-Utah Jazz guard John Stockton, Jazz coach Jerry Sloan and coach team woman Rutgers University C. Vivian Stringer in a new class collection of famous people in the world of basketball. Like when he was still actively playing, Jordan returned to the center of attention but he immediately paid tribute to his colleagues who also inaugurated.

"Contrary to what you believe, not just me who entered the Hall of Fame," said Jordan, who led the Chicago Bulls NBA championship six times and then ended his career in two seasons with the Washington Wizards. "We're in a group and I am proud to be part of them. I'll remember them just as they remember me," Jordan said.

Asked about the most favorite accomplishments in basketball, Jordan said, "It is difficult to answer, as was asked who among your children the best." "I've recorded so many achievements, so many spectacular games, winning shots. It's hard for me to choose one.

Jordan was also a little embarrassed when asked about his status as the greatest player the whole time. He said that he did not want to compare himself with the players in the past. "People say that my players have ever performed. I was somewhat horrified to hear that. I never played against Jerry West, I've never played against Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain and fight," Jordan said.

"Yes, I like it, but to say that I am better than them not me who decides," he said. "Do not rush trying to find Michael Jordan's future - there will not be another Michael Jordan," he said. Jordan currently is a member of manager of Charlotte Bobcats NBA team said that his love of basketball remains strong.

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