Shaquille O'Neal Call David Beckham Chicken

NBA basketball star Shaquille O'Neal labeled the Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder David Beckham a coward. The problem, Beckham O'Neal declined an invitation to appear on the TV show hosted O'Neal.

"Official. David Beckham today are afraid to face Shaq. He was supposed to be afraid. Because he was never able to score goals against me, "O'Neal said in a status in Twitter.

O'Neal invited Beckham to appear in the program "Shaq Vs. In the program, O'Neal led the other athletes to clash in sport athlete are cultivated. For example, O'Neal would have collided with Michael Phelps swimming. O'Neal will also play tennis against Serena Williams and fight against Oscar de la Hoya.

Beckham himself in an interview late last week said O'Neal should look for opponents who have a body the size of him.

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